WordPress is one of the most popular CMS when it comes to easy to use do it yourself home-based websites. However there are several people who use several plugins and several free themes not coded properly which might spoil the experience of a good website.

We are here to talk about some of the plugins which might increase productivity while blogging on a WordPress based website.

Akismet: As one might know this is the plugin created by Automattic (creator of WordPress) which can help sites reduce comment spam. We get a lot of spams daily and many spams might even take a site down if the bot continuously targets the blog comment page and hence it is important you keep it secure and safe and help it not getting bombarded which might even slow down your website and cause further headaches to remove those spam comments which will also load up the database as well.

All in One SEO Pack: It works out of the box as it is a SEO plugin you get to add meta, title and description in each page including the homepage which might not be the page but the URL of the site. It works naturally and one need not do anything else to make it working. It is one of the most popular and downloaded plugins in WordPress.org for this same reason.

Broken Link Checker: No one including Google likes broken links and it may prove harmful for people visiting your website as well and hence one should always keep an eye and check broken links pointing within your website and hence this plugin comes handy and removes the broken links and points them out to you.

Contact form 7: Contact form 7 is one of the most downloaded plugins in history of WordPress and is most downloaded contact form plugin. It is very simple and easy to use and one needs to at the max set up the form by clicking on the add new and add it in your own language. It works on any hosting server and is very reliable way of adding a quick form or a large form.


Google XML Sitemap: XML sitemaps are still essential and necessary and hence to create a very simple XML sitemap and then submit it in Google the easiest way is this plugin which would enable creation of a XML sitemap and then help you submit it in Google webmaster for Google to easily crawl all your website pages.

Pretty Link: Pretty link shortens up any of the long links you may want to place on your website. The advantage of this is that one does not need to place such long URLs within their pages or posts and also can easily remember a short URL rather than the long one. Ease of sharing in social media is also appreciated using pretty link plugin.

Updraft plus: Updraft plus is a free plugin which allows you to download the backup of any WordPress based website and then store it in dropbox or Amazon S3 or locally on your hard disk. This means you are no longer dependent on any service and also not dependent on your hosting for keeping the backups. What if your hosting is totally down hence it is important that you use this plugin as it keeps your data and website safe with you. You can schedule it to run daily and take daily backups offline.


Conclusion: It is important that we keep our WordPress websites clean but the major part should be to work on placing articles, images etc and then using the above plugins in order to keep your WordPress free themes based website working just fine and functional properly.

Author Bio: James Arthur is that the project lead for SKT Themes, still together of the contributors to WordPress. If you’re victimisation SKT Themes, then you must not miss out James.